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Not having art in your space is like living in a black and white world when color is a choice. We all love pictures. Painting includes all types of creative impressions. People's interest in art or painting can be as old as the history of mankind. Discovery from the Cave Art Show clearly shows that love for art has passed from generation to generation. Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad tells the real purpose of the painting is to communicate the message. During ancient times, art has been used to express ideas that were not acceptable in society. Many messages are also conveyed through color, symbol, artwork, and through quotes in the painting. Many people do not realize how much art plays a role in our lives to bring positive energy.


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Symbol like Icons, art, or paintings affect more than 90% of our behaviors and decisions, which control our subconscious mind. There are a number of art, icons or paintings in your home or workplace that exits inspiration, coolness, creativity, and also comfort in your life. Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad tells that a painting around us affects on a daily basis whether you know it or not.

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Paintings at work Art makes our life very happy like music in our environment and it has a huge impact on our spirit. Inspirational paintings are found in workplaces to encourage employees to continue being inspired and more productive. Vastu Expert in Noida use paintings art according to Vastu Shastra in their cabins in the reception area as well as growing rooms, meeting rooms, workstations, and more. Vastu Consultant gives some guidelines and Vastu tips to follow to make your space more positive.


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A horse is a symbol of perseverance, achievement, loyalty, victory, power, independence, speed, and also success — all great qualities accelerate your goal, climb up the corporate ladder or get your business roaring. At work, you are facing performance horses near your work desk, with frequent performance issues. This results in rapid development and rapid harvesting of creative ideas. Moving the horse forward means that you can do business without any difficulty. When shown at home or office, it brings a win, win, power, and success. Color, number of horses, and a direction are very important when horse painting is used for home decoration or Vastu Shastra (even feng shui) improvement. A large wall of canvas painting of brown and black horses is, according to Vastu Consultant in Noida, more impressive, positive, attractive, and also energetic.

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Vastu Expert in Noida gives the Precaution regarding painting the horse which is Avoid having an image or logo of the sun in the horse painting, if placed on the south or northern wall of the campus. Keep horses in odd numbers. Avoid horses with a sad posture. It does not generate any positive energy. Refrain from displaying unfinished horses at home or office. Avoid water body in horse painting. Avoid pictures of horses in the main bedroom.

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