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Vastu design for the main entrance should be taken into serious consideration to prevent any negative energy you have trapped in your house. According to Vastu Experts in Delhi There are various aspects like placement of main door main windows and placement of main door and so on. One of the two closed main gates that open inside and is clockwise is very auspicious. 06 Aug Main Door For Your Home Main Door For Vaastu Solutions Main Door For Vaastu Main Door Vaastu Advice For Main Door Entrance Door Vaastu Tips by Vastu Expert. Home Main Entry Door Main Door Designing the right size angle for your doors and windows, so that Vastu tips for positive energy flows by improving the scence of Vastu Shastra.There are some main door vastu tips that you should follow in order to attract excellence in life. It paves the entrance and exit to positive and negative energies. Vastu shastra has great importance for entrance door in a home as this is the place from where energies either positive or negative enter and exit a house.

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Vastu main gate for flats residence. According to Vastu Experts in Delhi NCR The property with auspicious entrance as per Vastu will achieve high prices and are always in demand. Having said this, it is clear that people will not prosper if more negative energy enters a house through the main gate. Vastu Experts says that the main door should be higher than any other door in the house and open in a clockwise manner. Make sure that you make the main door of the house the largest door. The main gateway that creates life in a house.


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More information Main gate should always be open clockwise and inward. Vastu Expert in Delhi says that Energy enters the house through doors and windows. The vastu of the main gate should always be correct. Considerable attention should be paid to the main windows as a main gate and as per Vastu Shastra. As the main doorway it is considered as a serious Vastu dosh and prevent three doors from coming in a line parallel to what can affect the happiness in the house. Here are 15 ideas to build or renovate the main door of your house as per Vastu rules.

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Main Gate or Entrance Gate Main door has been given major importance as Vastu Experts Near me gives convenience or significant life giving power that keeps out the health wealth promotes harmony and also good luck. Vastu Shastra for entrance. Vastu tips for your main entrance.


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According to Vastu Expert Near me Setting up the house at very short intervals in order to leave a lot of space in the south and a closed arrangement in the north or even across the north will give the house marriage restrictions. Also the credit system is not income but it creates difficulty. When it comes to the south door the kitchen will be relocated instead of southeast to do something like the rest of the northwest, north-east, south-west which will give marriage barriers.

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The fact that the house is located in a closed arrangement throughout the east will also give marriage obstacles.In the southern part, the portico system is lowered from the roof level and lowered to give marriage barriers.According to Vastu Expert in Delhi NCR Laying the south floor under the house for the car parking system will also give the wedding obstacles.The main entrance to enter the car house is in the south-west, ie in the south, swimming pool, ie. War, well, underground; Placing a water tank, septic tank, etc. in the south-east, southwest, or south side of the house will also give the wedding obstacles. Creating a ladder system in a closed system in the southwest will also give marriage barriers.The fact that the chapel is set in the northeast of the overall layout of the house will also give the wedding hurdles.

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